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 Country Hill West Newsletter - February 2010

Upcoming: Easter Egg Hunt

Country Hill West’s annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, April 3, at 10:30 am in front of Sunflower Elementary School. Note to parents: before we begin the hunt, please register your family at the sign-in table located on the south side of the parking lot. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Holiday Lighting Award Winners


        1st Place     Robert and Mary Ann Pallanich      8966 Tomashaw

        2nd Place   Peter and Barbara Roszel                 15701 West 92nd Terrace

        3rd Place    Kevin and Nancy Kennedy              9132 Allman Road  


                                                    Runners -up (in alphabetical order) 


                             James and Pam Bruce               15516 West 89th Terrace

                     James and Kathy Charlton        15436 West 90th Street

                     Cliff and Melanie Mourning     15428 West 92nd Place 


Apart from any contest, thanks to all who found time to illuminate their homes (and in many cases, their yards) during the holiday season. Such displays convey a visual warmth and engaging seasonal appeal to our neighborhood.  


Special Thanks to a Valuable CHW Neighbor


Well informed sources have notified the CHW board that one of our neighborhood’s residents, Irv Hoffman, has been a friend and confidant of Santa Claus for over twenty years! Every holiday season, just before the “Cookies with Santa” event, Santa flies in to spend time with Irv and his wife, Susan, before he visits the kids.


Although this has always been secret, the board thought it was appropriate that Irv be publicly recognized and thanked. His decades-long willingness to be a selfless, charming supporter of Santa and the Country Hill West children is warmly appreciated. 


Whenever you see Irv around the neighborhood, give him a special “Thanks” for being such a caring person.

Important Dues Information 


Beginning in 2007, Country Hill West Homeowner’s Association (CHWHA) succeeded in negotiating a renewable garbage pickup contract for its residents with Deffenbaugh Industries (Deffenbaugh).  The benefit of this contract is the cost to each homeowner is substantially less than if the homeowner paid for this service individually.  


CHWHA annual dues contain the amount assessed by Deffenbaugh for garbage pickup.  Deffenbaugh subsequently bills CHWHA directly on a monthly basis. CHWHA relies on its residents to pay their annual dues in a timely fashion so bills received from Deffenbaugh (among others) can be paid without delay.


Each year a small number of residents in CHWHA refuse to pay dues assessed to their property;  liens have been placed on those properties.

The financial burden of paying Deffenbaugh’s monthly expense for those who refuse to pay their dues has become too great. As a result,  the CHWHA governing board has agreed to undertake further action. 


Effective May 15, 2010, homeowners whose dues are yet unpaid, including all late fees and interest incurred, will have trash pickup suspended from their property.  


Once trash pickup has been suspended, service will not be re-instated until:


1.    All unpaid dues, late fees and interest charges for 2010 have been received     

     by CHWHA

2.    All unpaid dues, late fees and interest charges for 2007, 2008 and 2009

     have been received by CHWHA.

3.    All fees and costs associated with lien filings, paid by CHWHA, are

     received from the offending homeowner as the result of liens filed in 2007,

     2008, 2009 and/or 2010.


Historically, Deffenbaugh dealt with homeowners delinquent in paying for trash pickup by suspending trash service.  Deffenbaugh was also aware that occasionally sympathetic neighbors would allow the offending homeowner, whose trash pickup service had been discontinued, to co-mingle that homeowner’s trash with their own.  When Deffenbaugh became aware of such situations, the sympathetic neighbor was subject to trash pickup suspension as well.


After May 15, 2010, if you are approached by a neighbor to accept their trash, CHWHA advises you to refuse such a request.  Otherwise, you risk suspension of your trash pickup, even if you have paid your dues. 


Remember, CHWHA homeowners who pay their dues are footing the bill for residents who do not. Please do not allow such individuals to circumvent the consequences of not paying their fair share by accepting their trash.


Thank you to those who have paid their dues already!  


For those who have not paid their dues, please note the following:


Calendar Summary of Dues Payment Amounts




Late Fee


Amount Due

Jan 31, 2010





Mar 1 to 31, 2010





Apr 1 to 30, 2010





May 1 to 10, 2010








Please Welcome New Residents  


                              Rob and Jenn Barr    9152 Allman Road


If you’re a new resident and we’ve somehow missed you, please contact the board.


CHWHA Board of Directors



President                      Bruce Daniel........................................894-2901


Vice President              Jim Horlacher.......................................649-1611


Treasurer                      Sean Ryan............................................307-0886


Social                           Carol Horlacher....................................649-1611


Secretary                      Lina Daniel...........................................894-2901